Programmer, explorer, and life enthusiast. Work for Microsoft and previously worked in games and part of Havok middleware team. Views expressed here are my own.

Image loading and XML

Today was much more productive than yesterday. After getting back from shopping (needed some food desperately), I started work on the engine. Previously, my engine only supported TGA format for textures, which was fine before, but as this is more generic, it needed more format support. Therefore, looked around a bit and decided to use DevIL. It’s open source and under the Lesser GPL (a necessity since the engine might be used commercially).

Design contemplations

Today started out bright and early with a trip to the driving class, which lasted all the way to 4pm. It was quite awful. The class was filled with mostly teenagers, and some people from other countries that had never driven a car before. All that to say I was a bit out of place…college student seeking cheaper insurance…weird. We spent most of the time watching cheesy videos on how people can die from being stupid on the road.

Game engines

Did some more work on the game engine today. Over the last few days I’ve been examining the source code for a number of engines: OGRE, Quake 3, irrlicht, and Unreal. So far, I’m really liking the structure of OGRE and will most probably adopt some if its design decisions. Having worked with Unreal so much, my design will definitely be influenced, but that’s alright since Tim (and the rest of the Epic guys) did a great job with the engine.

Attack of the blog

Recently, there’s been a massive trend towards blogging, and being a computer scientist I feel the inexplicable need to jump on the bandwagon. So this is the beginning. I suppose a good start would be to give an overview of the type of things I’ll be talking about. As I’m an avid programmer and software engineer, a frequent topic will be my adventures and discoveries in my most recent projects. Right now I have two big projects: an Artificial Intelligence application (code-named “Agents”) and a game engine for a Privateer remake.