Time what is time?


Managed to get a lot done today…did a lot more writing. Seem to have the writing bug these last few days or even weeks. I suppose it’s a good thing as I’ve needed to do a lot of documentation recently. When I go through a long period of research I just feel the need to write down my discoveries.

Finished the last test of the week this morning. That’s a big relief for me. Now I can focus most of my energy back on the “important” things of life.

There’s an interesting discussion on Voxels over at odforce, so go check it out…NOW! :)


Alright, I suppose I’d be a bad programmer not to inform you all that the final version of Visual Studio 2005 has started shipping. This is exciting news for me! The beta’s have really been almost useless to me as most of the limitations directly influenced me in a very negative way. But this does seem to be a really good update by Microsoft, so I’m happy. :)