Staring at rocks


This semester I’m taking a bunch of relatively “easy” classes one of which is Geology. The class has been really simple so far, but the tests may turn out to be really hard…who knows. At any rate, the homework this time was to go around campus looking at rocks. It was a nice walk, but getting up real close and examining a statue must have looked really weird to those passing by. It was fun, though…got to identify rocks…determine how much feldspar or biotite was in a particular rock…determine how rocks “grew” into what they were today…etc etc. Interesting, but this does not mean I’m going to abandon CS and become a geologist.

On programming news, I implemented the help into Agents today. As Agents is cross-platform, it is using a HTML help system (as opposed to CHM, for instance), so to integrate the help I simply created a window that displayed HTML (wxHtmlWindow). Also added some toolbar buttons for back, forward, stop, refresh, and home…basically created a simple browser in the application. Didn’t take long at all to do–love when that’s the case.

Also emailed the folks at Graphic Remedy to see if I could get a student discount for gDEBugger. I’ve been using it quite a bit for the graphics engine, and would really like to buy it. However, the $490 price tag is a bit high for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s entirely worth the price, I just can’t afford it. If you’re doing any OpenGL programming, go check this tool out…it’s awesome!

Well, that’s all the interesting news.