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I can see the light!

These last few days have been crazy! Tests with LOTS of memorizing…very time consuming. But they are now over!! And hence my focus is back to the fun stuff. Have a few links that may interest some of you…if you live under a rock and haven’t found them already: http://www.vfxblog.com http://www.digitalgypsy.com/vfxlog/ http://www.fxguide.com/ All of them are really excellent sources for information on the latest news in the effects industry. The podcast at fxguide is also worth listening to…entertaining and informative.

More madness

Not much to report. Had a geology test tonight. It wasn’t easy, but I think I did alright on it. The prof. said that if you managed to get every problem wrong, you would get 100% on the exam. Sounds easy, but with multiple choice tests you really have to know what’s going on to purposefully answer every one wrong. I didn’t try it this time, but if my grade for the class is really high at the end of the semester I might give it a try.


Life has been quite busy these last few days…classes, tests, homework, and my freelance projects…lots going on. This week I have two tests, so I have lots of studying to do. On another note, Agents is going through some growing pains. It’s got to the point where there was too much code and it needed to be split up a bit more. So, I’ve been doing that over the last few days.

Eye candy!!

First off, everyone who hasn’t yet seen the new Harry Potter trailer MUST go see it: Trailer. Looks like it’s going to be another awesome movie! Sure it may not be better than the book, but that’s to be expected. :) Today I got the 12th issue of Stash!!! When I was at Siggraph, I signed up for a free issue and they actually sent it!! IT IS AWESOME!!! If I had a bit more money, I’d definitely get a subscription.

Staring at rocks

This semester I’m taking a bunch of relatively “easy” classes one of which is Geology. The class has been really simple so far, but the tests may turn out to be really hard…who knows. At any rate, the homework this time was to go around campus looking at rocks. It was a nice walk, but getting up real close and examining a statue must have looked really weird to those passing by.

Music and Houdini

Mondays…always a bit slower than the rest of the week. Got some good programming done on the engine. Then switched over to my website a bit. Got some Flash working and the design is a lot more the way I want it. Will hopefully have something to show soon. Finally got Evergrey’s album The Inner Circle…it rocks! Highly recommend it, so go buy it and listen to it…now! And here’s an image I sketched a few minutes ago: