I can see the light!


These last few days have been crazy! Tests with LOTS of memorizing…very time consuming. But they are now over!! And hence my focus is back to the fun stuff.

Have a few links that may interest some of you…if you live under a rock and haven’t found them already:

All of them are really excellent sources for information on the latest news in the effects industry. The podcast at fxguide is also worth listening to…entertaining and informative. Aruna’s blog (the digital gypsy one) is usually a really good read, so check that out as well.

This link is a bit old already, but check it out if you haven’t already:

Not really very informative, but very cool nonetheless. Lots of great shots from the movie. Really looking forward to this one!

As for my projects, I’ve finally returned to them and am making great progress! Agents is now split up into a few different libraries and is much cleaner than before. My website is starting to come together as I’ve now decided what content to include. Houdini research has been fun as well…been doing more tests with DOPs and using Renderman compliant renderers directly in Houdini. Although I’m not a huge fan of using VOPs to create shaders (except for really simple ones), it’s really great how well VOPs works to create Renderman shaders. It really is totally integrated into Houdini, which is fantastic.

It sure is good to be back blogging!