Hard drives


As I have quite a few important projects at the moment, being able to back everything up is really important. Problem is, the amount of data to back up on some of these projects is considerable (> 1GB). A backup everyday would result in no hard drive space really quick. To alleviate this problem, I went ahead and bought another 250gb HD meant specifically for backups. Now nightly or weekly backups can be a reallity.

The HD arrived yesterday, so I began the backup process of some of my older products. Once that was done (which took many, many hours…the reason I didn’t update my blog yesterday), I began defragging the old drive (which will continue to be my main development drive). Well, turns out the drive was 98% fragmented. It was obviously slowing everything down a LOT, so it’s a good thing I decided to defrag it. Problem is, I couldn’t do much work at all, because it was defragging my main development drive. So instead, I watched some training videos and did some reading.

Also, instead of using Norton Systemwork’s defrag utility, I switched to using O&O Defrag. Hadn’t used it before, so gave the trial version a test and I’m really liking it. A lot more information on the progress unlike most defraggers. It also has support for a number of different defragging techniques depending on how you use your HDs. Highly recommend giving it a try.

Alright, that’s all for today…good night one and all!