Game engines


Did some more work on the game engine today. Over the last few days I’ve been examining the source code for a number of engines: OGRE, Quake 3, irrlicht, and Unreal. So far, I’m really liking the structure of OGRE and will most probably adopt some if its design decisions. Having worked with Unreal so much, my design will definitely be influenced, but that’s alright since Tim (and the rest of the Epic guys) did a great job with the engine.

Trying to take these initial steps of the game engine slowly. If the base design and implementation is solid, I won’t have to go back later and fix everything. I will be creating some UML diagrams for it soon…once I have them finished, I’ll post them here. Also decided to adopt the Doxygen commenting style so that I can have an open-source method of code documentation. I much prefer Doc-O-Matic and the natural coding style it adopts, but not being able to afford a copy is hindering me at the moment.

The rest of my website is coming together. Having not done much web development in the past, this has been a fun experience…for the most part. There are a lot of parts to it, though, so it’s still a ways from being truly done.

Tomorrow is the first day of a driving course I signed up for. Taking it will save me a lot on car insurance when I do end up getting a license, so it’s worth it. Only down-side is that it starts at 8:00am tomorrow and goes till 4:00pm. That’s going to be one long, boring day.