Dev Notes - October 22nd, 2017

Traveling is always my most productive time for random thoughts and coding exercises. Doesn’t always mean clean code in fact it basically never does, but I always have a list of topics I’d like to explore and then when on a plane I finally have time to do that. This time I tackled a few topics:

  • SQLite-net
  • Reveal.js
  • Browser extensions (webpack, TypeScript)


For work, I create presentations using PowerPoint quite a bit. It’s intuitive to use and makes it very easy to slap a presentation together, but it does have some limits.

Some goals:

  • Have a presentation that runs standalone. Do NOT want it running in a browser.


To solve this problem, there turns out to be a good solution: Electron. Alternative is



As with a lot of tech exploration the big problem is too much information. Finally found a decent tutorial that made this straightforward.

Browser Extensions

This was really tricky mostly.