Attack of the blog


Recently, there’s been a massive trend towards blogging, and being a computer scientist I feel the inexplicable need to jump on the bandwaggon. So this is the beginning.

I suppose a good start would be to give an overview of the type of things I’ll be talking about. As I’m an avid programmer and software engineer, a frequent topic will be my adventures and discoveries in my most recent projects. Right now I have two big projects: an Artificial Intelligence application (code-named “Agents”) and a game engine for a Privateer remake. Both are big projects, and since I’m the only coder for both, there are lots of design and management decisions, which I’ll talk about.

Since I’m very involved in graphics projects, you will also see me rigging characters and doing animations. The main packages I use for this are Maya and Houdini, but I’ve also rigged characters in XSI; therefore, you may see some talk on my philosophies about rigging and all that fun stuff.

Finally, I own a Wacom tablet and LOVE to use it! You might, therefore, see me post a sketch or two. Mind you, I’m not an expert artist…I’m a true beginner, but trying hard to get better.

That should do it for an intro. Hopefully, this will be a great reference for not only me, but also for those of you who read this blog. And please, feel free to comment!!