Web design and zip files


Today my goal was to get zip files supported in the engine so that I could store all data into a zip file (with password protection) in order to keep data organized. Started with zlib but soon found that it would take far too much code to create a flexible wrapper for it. Searching for a wrapper that would work, however, took much more work than I expected. Finally found ZipArchive which seems to be an excellent library, but for commercial use, it costs money. As I didn’t have much time today, that’s as far as I got…quite disappointing. If anyone knows of a better library for this, please let me know!!

Also did a bit of web design today. I’m trying to find a good layout for my website, which takes some thought. Need a logo as well, so I played with a few ideas on that. Here was one of my ideas:

Any thoughts? Would love to hear some comments on it.

I guess that’ll wrap it up for today’s news.