Long and arduous day


The title really says it all, which means this will definitely be a short update. Spent much of the day studying for my two tests with little breaks to work on the scripting portion of the engine. Also added another two pages onto the article I’m writing regarding the creation of production-level software…that should be an interesting read once it’s done.

Finished the geology test at 10pm…went alright, but the prof. definitely expects a lot from the students. The average was 47% last time, which I think would demand a restructuring of the test, but this test didn’t reflect any changes. In fact, it actually seems to be worse. I think I did alright, but I’ll just have to see when the results are posted.

Got the Seapine newsletter today (a company that creates source code management software) and they had an interesting snippet from Michael Russell’s blog. If you’re interested in QA for your software, it’s definitely worth a read (I found it very interesting).

Test Plan #2: Milestone Acceptance Criteria