Fall break is closing in....


Been really working hard on my projects these last few days…hence the lack of updates. Yesterday I spent quite some time writing scripts for Houdini using Python. What’s particularly cool about Houdini is you can imbed Python scripts (or any scripts…or any files for that matter) into an HDA. So you can still distribute just one HDA file, and all the scripts come bundled within. I plan to record some videos over how this can all be done…and also show how to create some GUIs. When scripting for Houdini in the past, I just used HScript along with some Tcl/Tk for interfaces, but using Python is usually a better approach as Python includes a host of great libraries.

Well, Agents is finally coming back together since the growing pains recently experienced. To the people who I promised the new version of Agents: I’m really sorry for such a long delay! I’ll keep you all updated as to when a version will be available. This entire project has taken a lot longer than I anticipated, but it’s really been a positive experience overall….and an educational one as well.

Three days of class, and then Fall Break!! That’s a whole 2 days off! ;) May not sound like a lot, but it sure is nice to get a bit of a breather mid-semester.

If you haven’t yet seen Serenity (unfortunately, I haven’t yet either), go see the first 9 minutes here: Serenity